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Our Seniors Tell Their Story Better Than We Can
Here’s Why Rice Photography Should Be Your Choice
It’s Not a Great Deal If You Don't Get Great Pictures!
Advantages of Hiring a Digital Senior Photographer
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Senior Photography - Your Photos, Your Way

Welcome to Rice Photography for Your Senior Portrait Session
At Rice Photography, we want to take the time to create truly memorable senior portraits that you will treasure for a lifetime. We are a very small studio and only photograph about 100 discriminating high school seniors - and never more than three on a single day. Our sessions are considerably longer than at most studios, usually taking 2-3 hours. We do not have the assembly-line type of operation like many of the huge contract photographers where you only have a few minutes for your portraits.

If the weather is uncooperative and we cannot create outdoor portraits in our own private park on the day of your session, we will gladly reschedule an outdoor-only session for you at no additional charge.

At Rice Photography, your total satisfaction is our only goal. We are confident that you will love your photographs and appreciate the personal attention that you can only receive at a smaller studio. Again, thanks for choosing Rice Photography for your senior portraits!

Rice Photography - A Word About the Studio
Rice Photography has been serving the needs of the Northern Ohio community for over twenty-five years. Our reputation for high quality photography and impeccable customer service have made us a leader in the industry.

The artistry at Rice Photography has been honored with nearly every award in the photographic field. Our staff has four photographers with Degrees in Photography and we have been frequently asked to lecture at national photographic conventions both in this country and abroad. Patrick Rice has served as President of the Society of Northern Ohio Professional Photographers – a prestigious group of area professional photographers that has served the Greater Cleveland area for 56 years. Patrick Rice is also the author of eight professional photography books published by Amherst Media Inc of New York.

Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail will insure that you will have photographic memories to treasure a lifetime. We are conveniently located at 31109 Lorain Road in North Olmsted – just East of the Soccer Sportsplex. Give us a call at (440) 979 0770 for further information.
Our Seniors Tell Their Story Better Than We Can!
“The pictures were awesome – I had a great time! Thank you for the great pictures and for your time in making my senior pictures sweet! I love my pictures.” Toni Legati

“It was a great experience, it was really relaxed and laid back. I had an awesome time and I’m really pleased.” Dan Kloock

“I really enjoyed my time here taking my pictures with you guys. I really love my pictures – thanks again!” Ashley Norris

“The pictures that I had taken at Rice Photography were some of the best pictures that I have seen in a while. The care you took with my photographic experience was extraordinary. Thanks again!” Adam Kreanberger

“I had so much fun taking these photos – thank you so much for everything. I’ve never had a photo shoot like this. My pictures turned out great and I can’t wait to show my friends. Thanks again.” Jennifer Holahan

“Great time! Lot’s of fun! It was something different than what I had expected of the experience” Colin Ladley

“The pictures turned out better than I would have ever imagined! I was impressed with how much time was taken for the photo shoot. I felt very comfortable which helped in capturing my true self in the pictures. It will be hard to choose – they are all very good!” Ryan Jones

“I had a blast! They were so nice and very considerate. They understand I’m a teenager and didn’t push me to hurry – and they let me do my own poses too! I loved my experience here and wouldn’t choose anywhere else! Thanks guys” Whitney Brooks

“I really loved my pictures! I had a great time taking them and I really enjoyed everything. You captured my real self.” Jessica Gleba

Here's Why Rice Photography Should Be Your Choice
There are countless high school seniors from the class of 2006 who have already secured their appointment for their Senior Portrait Session at Rice Photography. These students knew that Rice Photography had a reputation for great service and exceptional quality and were quick to call. Now, there are even more, like yourself, who have not reserved their appointment date yet and are trying to reserve one of the last few available. Rice Photography remains the premier senior portrait studio for the student who wants variety, creativity, and most of all individuality in their photographs. Here is why high school seniors are choosing Rice Photography over other studios:

It's all about you!
The emphasis is on you at Rice Photography. We want your senior session to be a fun experience that you will enjoy and remember!

You'll look fabulous!
Most people don't think that they take a good picture. Well, at Rice Photography, you will! We will work with you to help choose the right backgrounds and props for your outfits and for your personality. This ensures that you will look your very best in every picture!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Aren't you wondering, "What if they don't turn out?" Well, not to worry. At Rice Photography, we have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your original proofs, just tell us and we will make additional poses to your liking at no cost to you. If you're still not satisfied, we will refund all of your money back plus an additional $5.00 for your trouble. Check the competition, this is the best guarantee of its kind in the industry! How can you go wrong?

It's Not A Great Deal If You Don't Get Great Pictures!
Dear High School Senior,

By now, you have probably received several mailings from different photography studios all wanting you to choose them as you high school senior photographer. You have probably seen the discount session fees and free wallet specials that everyone offers. All of those things are good, but keep one important fact in mind - It's not a great deal if you don't get great pictures!

Like everything we purchase, bargains are only a bargain if the product that you receive is actually worth purchasing. Cheap items are still just cheap. At Rice Photography, creating the highest quality, most creative senior photography is our number one priority. Patrick and Barbara Rice have trained with the finest photographic instructors from around the globe to provide a level of craftsmanship that is second to none. Their photography has earned almost every award possible in the field of professional photography. They have even published photography books! Ask any of the other studios if they can match these accomplishments. The point is simple - at Rice Photography we are confident that you will love your portraits. We want you to have fun and express yourself in each image. Bring along your friends, your pets, your car, anything at all that will make your photos more personal and not just like everyone else's. We have even installed satellite radio so that you can listen to your favorite type of music during your extensive portrait session.

You have many choices when it involves selecting a studio to photograph your senior pictures. Don't just consider the specials or the bottom-line price when making that choice. Remember, these are the most important photos that you have ever had taken of you. Make the right choice. Call Rice Photography at (440) 979 0770. It's one choice you won't regret!
Advantages of Hiring a Digital Senior Photographer
Technology continues to change all aspects of our lives. This is especially true in the field of photography. Although many photographers refuse to embrace digital imaging, it is the best choice for both the photographer and the high school senior for their portrait session.

There are many advantages to digital photography. This list only touches upon a few of them. First, with digital cameras, the photographer receives visual confirmation of each image that they create through viewing the LCD screen on the back of all digital cameras. Further, the photographer can analyze the image in detail - checking both exposure and quality in a matter of seconds. With film cameras, the photographer never really knows what the images will look like until after the film has been processed and printed at the lab. A photographer with a film camera could be experiencing mechanical problems with the camera but never know it until it is too late. This exact experience has plagued photographers for decades! That is until now. With digital cameras, a photographer instantly knows if there is a camera problem, mistake in exposure, etc. The photographer will never take two bad pictures in a row. This is quite a relief for the high school senior who is entrusting a photographer to record memories of this special time in their life.

Second, digital photographers now have complete image security. With film cameras, the photographer had to send the exposed film to the lab. There is always a risk that the carrier service (UPS, Fed Ex, Airborne, U.S. Mail) could lose or damage the film. Further, once the film does arrive at the lab, there is the possibility the lab could lose or damage the film. In both cases, the photographer could do everything right and yet the high school senior may not get any photographs. With digital photography this is no longer the case! The photographer records each image onto compact flash media storage cards. After the session, they then transfer the images from the cards onto compact discs. These compact discs never leave the studio. The digital photographer then copies the images on the compact disc to a duplicate disc and sends that disc to the lab for the making of the photographic prints. The labs use the exact same machines and the exact same photographic paper to make prints - whether they were created with film or digitally. Moreover, if the disc is lost or damaged in transit or at the lab, the photographer can simply burn another copy and resend it. The high school senior never again has to worry about anything happening to their priceless images.

Third, digital photographers can capture every image in color, but are free to make any color image into a perfect black & white photograph with absolutely no loss in quality. This is not possible with film where there was always some quality degradation when making a color image into black & white. In addition, sepia toning and color toning of digital images is much easier and less costly than with film images.

Last, there is much more flexibility in cropping of digital images. With film, the photographer must use standard cropping sizes (known as masks or crop cards). These crop cards do not always provide the ideal cropping of an image. With digital images, cropping is much more flexible and can maximize the photographic quality of each of your senior images.

These are just some of the many reasons why the obvious choice for every informed high school senior is to select a digital senior photographer!
I Don't Know What to Order!!
Everyone's family is different, so we can't tell you exactly what you might need, but here are a few things to keep in mind …

  • Wallets!! You'll need more than you may think! Everyone exchanges wallets with their friends and classmates during their senior year - be sure to have enough for everyone! You may need wallets for graduation announcements, job applications, college applications, scholarship applications, newspaper articles and sorority and fraternity pledges.
  • Grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles will all want larger pictures of you as well as a wallet. Of course, Mom and Dad will need photographs for around the house as well as the office. Framed photographs make great gifts, too!

  • Senior year is probably the only time in a person's life that they will need to send out
    so many pictures. Don't forget any of the important people in your life!

    If you have any questions, call Rice Photography at (440) 979 0770.
    It's Worth Some Extra Time to Get What You Really Want
    Dear Valley Forge Senior,

    Not everything in life is always the most convenient - we tend to shop for many products and services that we desire. Sometimes, the business that is just down the street may be the easiest to get to but it doesn't have everything that you are looking for. If this wasn't the case, then you certainly would never drive as far as South Park Mall or Great Northern Mall when you have Parmatown Mall in your neighborhood. Many times, it is worth the extra twenty minutes to get what you really want.

    Your High School senior portraits are no different. Sure, there are photography studios right there in Parma. Sure these studios are very convenient, but will you truly get what you want? At Rice Photography, we pride ourselves at being different from other photo studios. We offer more backgrounds, more props and an entire outdoor portrait park just to insure that you will get the very best senior portraits. Yes, we are much less convenient and will take longer to get to, but isn't an extra twenty minutes worth it for memorable senior portraits? Won't a little extra time be worth it when you can be truly proud of your photos? Don't you want more than just the same tired old pictures that the huge contract photographers take?

    Just read what one of your classmates had to say about his senior portraits from Rice Photography -

    "The pictures that I had taken at Rice Photography were some of the
    best that I have ever seen. The care you took with my photographic
    experience was extraordinary! Thank you.     Adam Kronenberger

    Spend a little more time to get the very best in senior portrait photography. Call Rice Photography today at (440) 979 0770. You'll be glad you did!
    Senior Photography - Your Photos, Your Way
    Dear Senior Class,

    Having two of their own children that recently graduated high school, Patrick and Barbara Rice have a unique understanding of today's high school seniors. In reading materials and viewing websites from other studios in the area, it is unsettling to see how most of these other studios dictate to high school seniors how things must be done. Aren't you getting tired of studios warning you about "wearing the wrong clothes for your portraits"? Since when does any seventeen year old listen to clothing suggestions from someone over forty? It's ridiculous! You should wear the clothes that are right for you, not for the photographer. Still more ridiculous are some studios policies about viewing your portraits. Do you realize some photographers won't let you leave the studio with your proofs? Can you believe some photographers still can't post your images onto a website?

    None of this is true at Rice Photography. We give you a choice when it involves your viewing of your images. We can make beautiful proofs on photographic paper, we can post your images on a password-protected secure website, and we can show you your images on our professionally calibrated studio monitor so you know how the images look even before you leave the studio. On top of all of this, Rice Photography offers the best guarantee in the industry. If you do not love the portraits from your senior session, we will gladly schedule another appointment for you to create more images of you at absolutely no charge. If you still don't love your photos, we will gladly refund all of your money plus give you an additional $5 just for your trouble. Ask any other studio to match that offer. You just can't go wrong! Give Rice Photography a call today at (440) 979 0770 to set up a time for your senior portrait session.


    Fallon Miller, Studio Manager
    Rice Photo