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Photographers from Rice Photography have received more awards in wedding photography than any other studio in Ohio.

The photographers from Rice Photography have been named the International Wedding Photographer of the Year by both the International Photographic Council and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. They have also received Photographer of the Year honors from the Professional Photographers of Ohio, The Society of Northern Ohio Professional Photographers (eight times), the Akron Society of Professional Photographers (twice) and the Triangle Photographers Association.

They have received countless best of show honors for both wedding and portrait photography over the years. There work has been featured in over twenty books and photographic magazines. They have had several articles published in leading photography magazines and have been featured in several instructional videotapes.

They have had two photography books published by Amherst Media and are under contract to publish two more. They have taught photography at the college level as well as lecturing to photographic organizations across the United States and Canada. They are speakers at every Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention.

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On May 3, 2000, Patrick Rice was among five award-wining photographers honored for lifetime achievement in professional photography. The International Photographic Council, a non-governmental division of the United Nations, kicks off Professional Photography Month each May by awarding outstanding professional photographers for their personal and professional accomplishments at an awards luncheon at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. This year, five photographers - Patrick Rice, Bert Behnke, Carol Guzy, Lou Jones, and John Stanmeyer - each received the IPC Leadership Award - a gold medallion hung from a blue neck ribbon (blue is the official color of the UN). The IPC is a photographic organization consisting of manufacturers, publishers, photographers, curators and analysts.
At the recently completed photographic print competition hosted by the SOCIETY OF NORTHERN OHIO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS, Patrick Rice from Rice Photography in North Olmsted took the top honors. In the wedding category it was a clean sweep! Patrick Rice had the highest scoring wedding print and received BEST OF SHOW honors.

This marks the firth time that Patrick Rice took the top honors in the photographic competition. The SOCIETY OF NORTHERN OHIO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS (SONOPP) is an association of the finest photographers and image-makers in Northern Ohio. The Society recently celebrated its 59th year of serving the professional photographers of the area. Wins Award
At the recently completed MidEast States Photography Convention held in Columbus, Ohio, the website for Rice Photography was presented an award for excellence. Their website received the E Commerce Award which is presented by the Ohio CPP Commission each year to the photography studio with the best website. The websites are judged on image quality, ease of navigation, variety, creativity and overall appearance. This convention draws entries from the 600+ members of in the state of Ohio.
At the recently completed WPPI semiannual Print Competition, two of our photographers received top honors. Chad Tsoufiou received two HONORABLE MENTIONS and Rick Frumkin received three HONORABLE MENTIONS.

Wedding & Portrait Photographers International is an organization dedicated to advancing the art of wedding and portrait photography. Its international membership participates in programs and activities designed to improve artistry, technical skills and sales abilities.

Patrick Rice Receives Album Award
At the 2002 Mid-East States Regional Photography Convention, Patrick Rice of Rice Photography won an award for his wedding album submission. Rice’s library bound Legacy album received the “Award of Craftsman” from the judges. The book was entirely a black and white collection of photojournalistic images that recorded the true feelings and emotions of the happy couple’s special day.

Each year, photographers from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia submit images and albums in this highly competitive exhibition. Only the top entries receive awards. This competition showcases the finest image making in this region of the country.

Who Hosts Print Competitions?
There are numerous organizations, associations, and color labs, etc. that host print competitions. For our purposes here, we will discuss only a few. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) each hold print competitions. WPPI has a 16 x 20 print competition at their annual convention in February or March of each year. In addition, they host two semi-annual 8 x 10 print competitions throughout the year. The PPA has their annual print competition now in California in June of each year with the prints that receive a merit being exhibited at their annual convention in July or August of that same year. The PPA has twelve Regional Print Competitions each year - ten of which are in February, March or April and one in September. These Regional Associations consist have a state or several neighboring states (depending on the number of photographers in a geographic area that have aligned themselves for an Approved Annual Print Competition. Only PPA Approved judges can judge at a PPA Affiliated Judging or the PPA National judging. If your image receives a score of 80 or higher, it receives a "Seal of Approval". The "Seal of Approval" designates that if you send that image to the PPA National judging in June, the maker will receive a print merit for their image and it will then be considered for selection into the PPA Loan Collection. Most of the PPA State Affiliate organizations host an annual print competition for their members. In addition, there are local chapters in many states that also host their own print competitions throughout the year.
Over the years, the question is often asked, "Why should photographers enter competition"? There are many, many reasons why - I will highlight just a few. Competition in every endeavor brings out the best in the participants. People have a natural tendency to try to achieve greater success when their efforts are being measured in some way. Photography is no different. When a photographer enters a print competition, he is having his images judged by a panel of experts. Those judges are looking to reward exceptional artistry as well as point out any flaws in the submitted images. Through their scores and critiques, the judges help to educate the photographer.

It is this very process that helps each participant become a better image-maker. The judges will often find a very small flaw that the photographer may have never noticed. It is the judges' role to closely study everything about each image and then score the print. Once these flaws are pointed out, the photographer will be more aware of these problem areas in future submissions. More importantly, it will make you a better photographer. How, you may ask? The next time you are in a similar photographic situation, you will remember the judges' comments and correct the flaw before you take the photograph. You will begin to pay much more attention to even the smallest details and you will give your clients a far superior product than you did before you began entering competition. In time, you create a win/win situation - you receive higher print scores and your clients receive better quality images from your studio.

A second reason to enter print competition is for peer recognition. Many industries reward the best in their field. Again, photography is no different. Respect from your fellow photographers is very gratifying and it will encourage you to continue to achieve even more success. As your success grows, you will be asked to help others just beginning in competition. Your advice will help make them better image-makers. In effect, you are raising the level of professional photography for the entire industry.

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