Photo Education

Chuck Macuga

Professional Biography

My photographic career began during my high school years. I was fortunate to attend a school with a very progressive Industrial Arts department that offered an extensive photo course selection. During this three year period I took every photo course that was offered. When I wasnít shooting, my time was spent hands on in the dark room processing my images. I was also able to gain useful experience during this time as a photographer for the Berea City School Yearbooks.

Having an interest in aviation also, led me into the aerial photography arena after graduation. I spent six years developing the skills needed to tackle the technical difficulties of air to air photography of aircraft. Networking led me to a job with a lead crystal glass company where I did all of the product photos and advertising layouts.

My academic photo roots would come back to me when I was asked to photograph the sports programs at several colleges. This led to being hired by the Admissions department of one of the schools to photograph the campus. These photographs were used to create a view book and in publications that would attract students and parents to seek enrollment. Once again, networking would connect me, this time with graduates who were engaged to be married and were looking for a wedding photographer. I have photographed weddings from Buffalo, NY to Tempe, AZ.

Photographing the people, places and events of life that excite people is the energizing force behind my work. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, Society of Northern Ohio Professional Photographers, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, The Entrepreneurís Association of John Carroll University and judge for the Cuyahoga County annual fair photo contest. I continue to update my education by attending every regional seminar, class or program that is offered for professionals.

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